Company :

Kingdom Morocco Tours

Kingdom Morocco Tours is an extraordinary company Travel that has had a root from a big tours and Trips Experience around Morocco and we would like to give this chance to travelers to enjoy the real Moroccan magic tours not just visiting.

Kingdom Morocco Tours is specialized in private guiding, transportation and accommodation, arranging bespoke expeditions throughout Morocco for various categories include private clients, groups and families. Helps you make your next trip to morocco a real outstanding adventure through a range of activities : desert trips, camel rides, and kasbah visits, expedition cruises, and adventure trips.

Here you find the best-guided trips, private guides, and tours that give you the opportunity to discover the charm of Morocco and its exotic nature and rich history. Kingdom Morocco Tours offers plenty of outdoor activities, brilliant adventures, training courses and logistics to individuals and corporations, as well as unique lodge, outpost and retreat experiences.

Specializing in guest tours and trips, Kingdom Morocco Tours helps you make your next visit to Morocco an outstanding adventure. We prepare a customized tour that offers an exciting range of activities including desert trips, camel rides, hiking, historic sites and other adventures. Here you will find the best guided trips, private guides and tours that allow you to easily and safely discover the charm of Morocco with its exotic nature and rich history. Welcome to Morocco ...

Our Vision :

Kingdom Morocco Tours

Our vision is to become the best Moroccan tourism agency by providing eloquent services that consistently meet our customers expectations and to discover, develop and deliver innovative travel services.

Our Mission :

Kingdom Morocco Tours

Our mission is to provide outstanding quality services, safest and the best value trips, so that we make every customer in every trip smile and to be the premier provider of targeted specialized tour products and related services to everyone. We are a team that creates unique and socially responsible travel experiences, providing services beyond expectations. We always take our clients as our priority, and work hard tp satisfy your needs, but above all, meet your expectations. We know that every detail is important, and for, this reason, make our best effort to care for all those little things^ which will always make the difference so that your trip will be exceptional.